Used Grotrian Steinweg Model 130 Upright Piano 2020
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Grotrian Steinweg for sale or for rent - large.

Welcome to Grotrian, a company with a family tradition stretching back 180 years. The company of Grotrian continues to build premium quality instruments, which are played worldwide. Upright Pianos - Grotrian. With the serial number of your piano we can determine its age. If you wish to find the current value of your used GROTRIAN please get in touch with the GROTRIAN dealer for your region, they will be able to do an evaluation for you on site. Contact information. Address; 1A Roper Road, Canterbury, Kent. CT2 7EH. Telephone: 01227 766059. Open Monday to Friday 2pm - 5:30pm, Wednesday 10:00am - 5:30pm. Used an upright piano for sale. Acoustic Rekewitz model: 130, Colour: Wood Transparent Lacquer, Transport included in the price, Walnut Burl, Piano Shop: Evert Snel Piano.

05/11/2010 · This is not a piano you come across often, but the Grotrian Concertino professional upright is simply amazing. The fine craftsman at Grotrian-Steinweg always impress with simply elegant design and flawless execution. Grotrian Steinweg 120 Upright Piano 1926 After Restoration. Posted on September 28, 2018 by admin. Posted in grotrian. Jasper American Piano Model 433 F. WW Kimball. Used Upright Pianos 'TwentyXS' by K. Weber. CODE IS POETRY. Grotrian-Steinweg pianos were highly regarded by Clara Schumman, and their ‘sonority and beauty of tone’ 1 was highly prized. They devised a structure which is used both in this instrument and in CIM-010 where the tensions at the rim concentrate at a single, central point, by the use of a group of radial braces under the soundboard.

Grotrian Concertino Upright Piano Piano Name: Grotrian Website: Grotrian Model: Concertino Made in: Germany Parent Company: Parsons Music Corporation Company Location: China Height: 52″ History: In 1835, Friedrich Grotrian established a partnership with Theodor Steinweg also known in America as Steinway. Friedrich’s son Wilhelm Grotrian. Grotrian Classic Upright Piano Piano Name: Grotrian Website: Grotrian Model: Classic Made in: Germany Parent Company: Parsons Music Corporation Company Location: China Height: 49″ History: In 1835, Friedrich Grotrian established a partnership with Theodor Steinweg also known in America as Steinway. Friedrich’s son Wilhelm Grotrian. 09/03/2017 · The Grotrian 125 is possibly our favourite upright piano of all time, made at the height of piano manufacturing period when knowledge, skill and competition were at their greatest. Here we've compared it with one of our favourite modern pianos. The conclusion we come to is that the Bosendorfer is the ideal study piano and the.

Concertino. 132 x 157 x 66 cm, 295 kg. It takes centuries of tradition and constant refinement in the piano-making craft to produce an instrument with such magnificent acoustic properties. 02/08/2014 · Our simple recording method simply does this amazing piano no justice. However, we hope you understand from the performance that this piano provides ultimate artistic control in an upright piano. Grotrian builds pianos in Germany to a standard rarely experienced by most pianists today. Find your nearest Grotrian dealer to share in. sell my grotrian steinweg piano Were interested in this German manufacturer and are keen on both upright and Grotrian Steinweg grand pianos. Contact: info@. 04/09/2018 · Take a look at Grotrian Steinweg concert upright,. Reconditioned, used upright pianos i.e. spinets, consoles, and studios can be returned within the first year for a refund of 75% on the purchase price. Electronic pianos do not fall under either of these policies. Grotrian Steinweg Upright Piano. I’m interested in this piano. Instrument. "Lads, build good pianos and the rest will take care of itself", Wilhelm Grotrian once said to his sons Kurt and Willi and thereby phrased one of the most important mottos for the GROTRIAN company. When you listen to the sound of a GROTRIAN you will notice that there is much more behind it: a love for music.

  1. Used an upright piano for sale. Acoustic Grotrian Steinweg model: Concertino 132, Year: 1912, Height: 132 cm, Colour: Other, Piano Shop: PIANO LONDON Ltd., United.
  2. Grotrian Steinweg Model 130 Upright Piano. We are a musical instrument company based in Mansfield, Nottingham, with over 200 pianos to choose from and we are pleased to offer our Grotrian Steinweg Model 130 upright piano. To view our entire piano selection please click this LINK.
  3. Grotrian Steinweg Pianos for Sale G rotrian Steinweg was founded in 1858 when Friedrich Grotrian and Heinrich Steinweg joined forces. Later Heinrich Steinweg moved to.
  4. 19/05/2018 · Grotrian pianos of this period have perhaps the best tone and touch of any upright pianos ever made. They are very consistent and this one is no exception.

Grotrian-Steinweg G-113 Upright. RRP £11,660. The use of modern technology, combined with the most highly skilled craftsmanship, makes it possible to build a piano which has an incredible sound but is a reasonable price. Upright Pianos on. PianoMart’s online inventory of upright pianos promises something for everyone, whether you’re a professional musician who wants grand piano sound without the footprint or a starter spinet for a new piano student. Grotrian-Steinweg pianos are a popular choice for students, home enthusiasts and professional musicians alike. Our available Grotrian-Steinweg pianos include a range of types, costs and conditions. Browse our available selection, or use our filters to refine your search by size, price, location, distance from you, or color. For the past 180 years, Grotrian piano craftsmen have continued the family tradition of producing exceptional pianos. Founded in Germany as the Grotrian-Steinweg Piano Company, Grotrian piano makers have since made a name for German piano brands by building the finest pianos possible with the highest quality materials available. Used Grotrian Steinweg 124 – c1999 This used Grotrian Steinway upright piano in polished black is a rare find second-hand, with new models costing up to £30,000. A Classic 124 model, this Grotrian is a beautiful German piano with all original, genuine parts that have been lovingly cleaned and restored, making it in like new condition.

Carstairs Pianos. Pre-owned and restored upright.

Upright Pianos - Grotrian - Grotrian-Steinweg.

Overall, Grotrian pianos have a unique, expressive sound and are a pleasure to play. Over the years, many European royal families have appointed Grotrian to supply pianos to the court, and many well-known pianists have endorsed or expressed appreciation for Grotrian pianos. Grotrian makes five sizes of grand and six sizes of vertical piano. Welcome to Grotrian, a company with a family tradition stretching back 180 years. The company of Grotrian continues to build premium quality instruments, which are played worldwide. Grand Pianos - Grotrian. 23/12/2015 ·- Schubert - Impromptu, gespielt auf einem Grotrian-Steinweg Klavier, Modell Classic 124, Bj.1993. /gebrauchte.

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